Visit the Pelican Rock And All The Best Landmarks Of Cabo San Lucas

Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Mexico.

Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas Bay, this natural reef is home to an abundance of marine life and offers a unique opportunity for snorkelers to explore its vibrant underwater world. The only way to explore these rock formations is with a boat tour.

Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or just starting out, Pelican Rock is a great place to dive in and experience the beauty of the underwater world. These rock formations are known for their crystal-clear water and diverse range of colorful marine life, including schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, and even sea lions.

Sea lions in the sea of cortez

Explore the famous Pelican Rock and its underwater life

For those who are new to snorkeling, the calm waters at Pelican Rock make it an ideal spot for beginners. The shallow waters, combined with the clear visibility, make it easy for snorkelers to see the marine life and explore the reef.

Discover Pelican Rock with a boat tour

One of the best things about snorkeling at Pelican Rock is its accessibility. Unlike other popular snorkeling destinations, this spot is easily accessible and provides snorkelers with a safe and enjoyable experience.

The only way to explore this area is with a snorkel tour, like the one we offer in La Isla Tour. Not only you will be able to swim along with fishes and sea lions here, but you can also discover other iconic locations, like El Arco, Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, Medano Beach, Neptune’s Finger, and so much more.

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La Isla Tour takes you on a snorkeling adventure in Pelican Rock Cabo San Lucas

During your vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, you cannot miss visiting famous landmarks in Cabo’s bay. Pelican Rock is an ideal place to practice snorkel because of its calm waters, but on our cruise, we will also visit The Arch, a popular rock formation in form of an arch that lies a bit further from the shore and also has a vivid marine life at its feet.

Other unmissable attractions for all tourists are the white-sand beaches, live Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, and Medano Beach. You can explore all these places while snorkeling, or just enjoy the warm water and the sun in our boat. All our excursions include snorkel equipment and a water mat to relax in the Sea of Cortez.

The best part about our boat tour is that you don’t need to worry about what to eat or drink because our tours include snacks and drinks. You also have the option to enjoy an unlimited open bar and a private chef onboard, for an extra fee per person.

In conclusion, Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas is a must-visit destination for snorkelers. With its stunning underwater world, accessible location, and abundance of marine life, it offers a unique and unforgettable snorkeling experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

So pack your snorkel gear and head to Pelican Rock in Cabo for a day of adventure and discovery!

Snorkeling in the sea of cortez

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Read Some Of Our Raving Reviews

These are all real reviews, taken from Trip Advisor, Get My Boat, Google Maps and Facebook
Miss Thao

We had the best time on this boat excursion!! 29 people and we had the 9am tour, which we were really late and didn’t arrive until 9:30am. They didn’t rush us, super easy going crew, and very friendly.

We had a wonderful time boating around the bay and checking out the arch before we anchored off to the side. This next part was by far the highlight of the excursion! We got to jump of the 2nd story of the boat and this was a lot of fun, especially for the kids. They also provided a floating mat, SUP, snorkeling gear, floaties, etc. They had a photographer on the boat and you had the option of purchasing all the photos and gopro video – hands down totally worth the price! The photographer was great and captured SO many great images that are priceless.

I can’t recommend this boat tour enough! You definitely will not be disappointed. Side note, Gabriela was such a pleasure to work with and she was very friendly during the planning stage!

Jennifer D

We booked this trip to Cabo for Christmas Eve for a surprise for our boys, ages 11 & 13. We loved the idea of having our own boat, snorkeling and seeing the area from the water.

We hoped we’d get lucky and see a whale or two, boy were we wrong. As we were cruising around the bay our eagle eyed guides spotted a couple of whales and then a couple more, soon we were cruising around with whales popping up all around us.

The boys were thrilled, it was amazing. Javi and Lorena were excellent guides, very knowledgable about the whales, we learned a lot and had an amazing time. After an hour of whale watching we resumed our journey to the arch and Lovers beach. It’s was very busy around the arch but Javi is an excellent captain and was able to get us to a quiet spot on the beach where we anchored and all swam and snorkeled away from the crowds. La Isla provided a fun float mat and some tasty chips and salsa and plenty of water and sodas. The only disappointment was the snorkeling was a bit difficult for our young boys. The water was very choppy due to all the boats and the currents were strong so it was not ideal for snorkeling unless your a strong swimmer.

We had a wonderful few hours with Lorena and Javi and would highly recommend La Isla tours.


Thank you for making our trip to Cabo extra enjoyable.

The experience was all inclusive and let us have the flexibility in one trip to cover a bunch of things we were wanting to do. Crew was great and communication was impeccable. Customer service to accommodate us after unforeseen weather issues was stellar!

Thanks again!


Unbelievable time. We had a party of 13. With a mix of adults and kids 6 and under. Everyone has a blast. The crew was super professional.

And the photographer who came a long for the ride did an awesome job of capturing the event.

Will def look to use this service next time we are in Cabo.

Lori L

We have been taking a private cruise with La Isla for several years and both of our boys (now 15y and 12y) say it is their FAVORITE thing we ever do … in Cabo or anywhere!

The staff at La Isla for reservations is so easy to work/communicate with and the crew they have on the boats are absolutely fabulous. This year we had a longer vacation and we went out twice with Gustavo and Luisa. We swam, we sang, we ate, we drank, we jumped off the top of the boat, we cruised the Sea of Cortez, we saw Land’s End, El Arco, and the sunset … and we had a perfect time … TWICE!

Luisa and Gustavo took amazing care of us – they were fun, helpful, and professional.

We look forward to coming back and will DEFINITELY book with La Isla again!