Live an unforgettable experience on our whale-watching tours in Cabo San Lucas

Whale watching is an extremely popular activity to do in Cabo San Lucas during the first months of the year so booking a private whale watching tour is a great idea to avoid the complications and stress of a regular tour.

The whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas may vary a little, but generally, it goes from late December to mid-April. Visiting Los Cabos around late January and March will be a great opportunity because by this time mother whales have already calved so baby whales can be spotted.

Enjoy a whale-watching tour on a private catamaran

Invite your friends and family to look for humpback whales on a private whale watching tour

These are our boats that can take you on a Whale Watching tour in Cabo

Dhow – Wooden vessel, up to 6 passengers




Dhow - Hand-crafted wooden vessel

Duration: 3 hours

*Plus service fee

Alora – Great for a whale-watching tour for up to 16 passengers

UP TO 16



Alora - 35ft catamaran

Duration: 3.5 hours

*Plus service fee

Pelican 17 – Our newest 110ft catamaran for up to 80 people

UP TO 80



VIP Pelican 17 - 110ft catamaran

Duration: 3 hours

*Plus service fee

If you visit Cabo San Lucas during whale-watching season, don’t miss the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures.

Whales live in very cold waters but during winter months they travel to warm waters that offer good conditions to start their breeding season.

Our crew will take you to the best locations for whale watching in Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo Whale Watching Tour

Our private tours are the best way to enjoy your Los Cabos whale-watching trip

In La Isla Tour we want you to have the best possible experience near the whales in your Cabo vacation, that is why we offer you a completely customizable tour in which our crew will take you to visit all the stunning spots of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean while looking for whales.

During the whale watching tour, there will be a marine biology expert aboard explaining everything you need to know about the whales, the reason they migrate, and information about all other sea creatures you see.

If you are interested in traveling to Los Cabos for a whale-watching cruise and want to be sure that there will be whales around, The Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources for Mexico publishes the exact dates of the whale-watching season each year.

During your Cabo San Lucas whale-watching tour, it is possible to encounter up to 7 different whale species. Even when there is a major chance to spot a humpback whale it is also possible to see gray whales and blue whales; grey whales, fin whales, minke whales, and even orcas also migrate to Los Cabos.

The Sea of Cortez is also the natural habitat of a very rich marine life, so during your trip with us, you will spot sea lions, sea turtles, many different and colorful tropical fishes, stingrays, and even dolphins.

If you visit Los Cabos after the whale’s breeding season, there’s still a possibility to spot some whales. Ask our staff if whale-watching tours are available by the time of your vacation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience whale sightings in Cabo San Lucas during their annual migration.

When booking your whale-watching tour you can decide the schedule of your tour, all our boats are available to depart in the early morning, at midday, or in the afternoon.

The time of the day may change a little your experience on the tour. Usually, morning sailing is smoother and it is great to look for baby whales and their mothers, but in the afternoon while the water gets rough the whales are more active so it will be possible to spot more than one.

To ensure the safety of all our passengers it is not allowed to swim near whales during the whale watching tour but on some lucky occasions, a whale decides to get close enough to the boat so it is possible to touch it with your hand.

Sea lions during your Cabo Whale Watching Tour
Water Mats during your Cabo Whale Watching Tour

Have all the fun aboard and in the water during your whale-watching experience

Sailing with us, your whale-watching adventure will be so much more than that. Not only our crew will make sure you spot some whales, but they will also take you to the best locations of the Cabo San Lucas marina bay, like the famous Arch, Lover’s Beach, the Sea Lion Colony, and more.

You will be able to enjoy your trip abroad and in the water. On the catamaran, you will have everything you would need during the cabo whale-watching tour. All our boats include a cooler with ice, water, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, comfortable sitting to enjoy the cruise, and a bathroom. If wanted, you will be able to add extra food and an open bar with unlimited drinks and cocktails.

Jump in the water to swim among the beautiful tropical fishes and have fun with your family or friends. On the boat, you will also have snorkeling equipment, paddle boards, and a water mat to have a fun and relaxing time after seeing the whales.

Book online and receive welcome margaritas and guacamole for free!

Read Some Of Our Raving Reviews

These are all real reviews, taken from Trip Advisor, Get My Boat, Google Maps and Facebook


We only had about 6 hours to spend in Cabo while our cruise was in port. We wanted to see the arches, we wanted to snorkel, we wanted to cliff jump, we wanted to paddleboard and we wanted to lounge while eating/drinking. This checked off EVERY box!

The morning started by driving out to take pictures at the arches. We plugged in our music and enjoyed the beautiful views as we got out to the end of the cliffs. After taking some great pictures, we headed over to anchor up to swim and snorkel.

We spent the next 2.5 hours swimming with brightly colored fish and sea lions, diving/flipping off the upper deck platform, paddle boarding along the beach, dancing and eating the delicious chips and salsa. Seriously everything we wanted out of the day. It blew away our expectations.

Everything was ready before we arrived at the dock and the crew were very professional. Right from the start we knew we were in good hands.

Ceci was a fabulous host. She explained everything and made sure we had everything we wanted. She was fun, friendly and really made us feel at home while on board.

Jonathan definitely knew his stuff as captain. It was obvious he was going to keep us safe and also put us right on the best swimming/snorkeling. He’s a little reserved but we got him to joke around a little about bellyflopping off the high dive!

Kiara took AMAZING pictures! Seriously, she was never in the way at all but seemed to be everywhere at once documenting our adventure. At the end of the tour we had the option to buy all the pictures she took with her camera (expensive but the pictures were fantastic!) but she was also nice enough to take pictures with our phones as well.

Can’t recommend this tour enough! It was an absolute steal for the price.

Next time we are in Cabo we will book again without a doubt. Thank you La Isla Tours!

Lori L

We have been taking a private cruise with La Isla for several years and both of our boys (now 15y and 12y) say it is their FAVORITE thing we ever do … in Cabo or anywhere!

The staff at La Isla for reservations is so easy to work/communicate with and the crew they have on the boats are absolutely fabulous. This year we had a longer vacation and we went out twice with Gustavo and Luisa. We swam, we sang, we ate, we drank, we jumped off the top of the boat, we cruised the Sea of Cortez, we saw Land’s End, El Arco, and the sunset … and we had a perfect time … TWICE!

Luisa and Gustavo took amazing care of us – they were fun, helpful, and professional.

We look forward to coming back and will DEFINITELY book with La Isla again!


Gabrielle’s crew was a joy – many of us have been on private boat charters in Mexico but this was our favorite experience.

What stands out about this experience was the crew and the boat itself. The crew is focused on ensuring your group has a great time, and the boat itself had plenty of space for 16 people.

We loved the set up of the boat as there’s lounge furniture on both levels and is set up in an open format which makes hanging out with each other very easy.

The bonus was all the activity gear that comes with it. We also added on the open bar, food, and a photographer to capture our time on the boat. The photos came out awesome. We had an amazing weekend in Cabo in general but this was the best activity of the weekend and I highly recommending booking!