Discover the underwater world with our Cabo snorkeling tour

Cabo San Lucas is well-known for its beauty, but also for its incredible sea life. This attracts millions of tourists each year that are excited to explore under the sea with a Cabo snorkeling tour.

Since it has many reefs and snorkeling spots, it is a popular destination for both beginners and veteran snorkelers that wish to experience all the adventure that the Pacific Ocean has for them.

La Isla Tour offers unforgettable Cabo snorkeling tours by visiting the best spots in the area.

With over 18 years of experience, our crew knows all the secret locations where you can find colorful tropical fish, sea turtles, stingrays, and so much more!

Enjoy the sea life in Cabo San Lucas with a snorkeling tour

Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is an unforgettable experience that everybody should try once in their lifetime. The water temperature provides a comfortable environment for marine life, and the pristine water makes it easy to spot all flora and fauna.

Cabo has many healthy reefs and marine life. The city is surrounded by the ocean on three sides and has a natural anchorage, so it is an ideal home for tropical fish, crabs, and other sea life.

It harbors a number of endangered fish, that can only be found in the Pacific Ocean off the tip of Baja California Sur, so you have the possibility to spot a very unique type of tropical fish in your snorkeling excursion.

Additionally, many of Cabo’s reefs are protected areas for marine mammals such as dolphins and sea lions, so it is possible to see them and even swim alongside with your snorkeling gear!

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Enjoy Cabo with all amenities included in our snorkeling tours

Our Cabo snorkeling tour gives you the possibility to leave stress behind and enjoy your time here. Our excursions have all the amenities included so you can relax and fully enjoy Los Cabos’ warm waters, like restrooms, a sound system to play your own music, snorkeling equipment, paddle boards, a water mat and more.

Sidhi – Private boat, up to 6 passengers




Sidhi - 25ft trimaran

Previously "Isla Mini". Duration: 4 hours

*Plus service fee

Barta – Private boat, up to 20 passengers

UP TO 20



Barta - 36ft catamaran

Previously "Isla Mediana". Duration: 4 hours

*Plus service fee

Dhow – Wooden vessel, up to 6 passengers




Dhow - Hand-crafted wooden vessel

Duration: 3 hours

*Plus service fee

Deva – Private catamaran, up to 12 passengers

UP TO 12



Deva - 32ft catamaran

Previously "Isla Chica". Duration: 4 hours

*Plus service fee

Alora – Private sailboat, up to 16 passengers

UP TO 16



Alora - 35ft catamaran

Duration: 4 hours

*Plus service fee

Transparent boat, up to 12 passengers

UP TO 12


$ 37 per person

Transparent Boat

Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

*Plus service fee

Book online and receive welcome margaritas and guacamole for free!

Book a luxurious private charter for your next Cabo snorkeling adventure


This luxury sailboat is perfect for your events or family vacations.

With a capacity for up to 24 people, Isla Manta offers a 4 hours Cabo snorkeling tour where you can visit all the iconic locations.

Of course, you can add all the extra hours you want.

UP TO 24



Manta VIP - 40ft catamaran

Duration: 4 hours

*Plus service fee


Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas in our Pelicano sailboat is the ideal option for events and get-togethers for up to 40 passengers.

During your 3,5 hours Cabo sailing experience you will be able to enjoy an open bar, and delight your guests with food prepared by a private chef.

UP TO 40



VIP Pelicano - 55ft catamaran

Duration: 3.5 hours

*Plus service fee


The snorkeling excursion in Animalon is perfect for up to 45 passengers. If you are planning your next big event, include snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas with our tour.

You will be able to surprise your guests with an unlimited bar and delicious food prepared by a chef.

In this 3-4 hour tour, the captain will cruise around the best spots in the Sea of Cortez.

UP TO 45



Animalón by the Sea - 49ft catamaran

Duration: 3 hours

*Plus service fee

Pelican 17

Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas in our Pelicano sailboat is the ideal option for events and get-togethers for up to 80 passengers.

UP TO 80



VIP Pelican 17 - 110ft catamaran

Duration: 3 hours

*Plus service fee

chileno beach 1

Visit Chileno Bay with our luxury sailboats

One of the most popular swimming and snorkeling beaches is Chileno Bay, a white sand beach with turquoise warm water located between Cabo San Lucas y San Jose del Cabo. It is an ideal place to spot the incredible marine wildlife in Los Cabos.

Our private catamarans will cruise around the best locations so you can explore one of the most famous places in the Sea of Cortez, and with some of our boats it’s possible to anchor to fully enjoy Chileno beach.

There are plenty of locations to choose from when renting one of our boats:

Customize your snorkeling experience with a private Catamaran in Cabo San Lucas

The best way to explore and enjoy Cabo San Lucas is with a private Catamaran. With La Isla Tour you have the possibility to visit all the interesting places in this area of the Sea of Cortez, and you decide where to go, what to do, and when.

No more rushing and short stops, a private catamaran gives you control over your traveling experience.

With our private services, you can also avoid crowds and visit secret locations. Our crew knows the best spots to do snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, so we can take you to different locations where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, swim alongside many fishes, and relax far away from people.

Never get bored with us since we offer different activities. Our crew is knowledgeable in the story of each place, its features, composition, flora, and fauna, so you can learn more about the beauty of Cabo San Lucas.

Dive in and explore the depth of the sea with the snorkeling tour, and if you want something different, jump in our paddleboards! All equipment is included in the boat.

The best part of our snorkeling tour is that you don’t need to worry about anything because we take care of everything for you. Don’t worry about what to eat or drink, all of our excursions include snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. And if you want, you can upgrade to an open bar and a luxurious dining experience onboard prepared by a private chef.

LaIslaTour 1
Sea lions in the sea of cortez

La Isla Tour takes you to the best Cabo snorkeling tours

With La Isla Tour you have the opportunity to experience Cabo San Lucas in a very special way. We will cruise around the best snorkeling hotspots while visiting the iconic locations in the Pacific Ocean.

Our tour experience is flexible and adapts to all your needs, so it is possible to go snorkeling in all famous places.

Explore incredible snorkel spots in The Arch, Sea Lion Colony, Pelican Rock, and Neptune’s Finger.

You can also visit all the snorkeling beaches, like Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, Medano Beach, Balconcito Beach, and Chileno Bay.

We have over 18 years of experience and come from families that have been in tourism for over 70 years! We know all the secrets and best locations to snorkel, far away from the crowds and filled with a varied range of marine species!

During your Cabo sailing tour with us, you will have access to snorkeling gear and a lifejacket. However, this is not the only activity that we offer.

Don’t miss the whale-watching tour to spot humpback whales and dolphins, practice paddling with our paddle boards, or just relax and take the sun on our water mat.

Book online and receive welcome margaritas and guacamole for free!

Read Some Of Our Raving Reviews

These are all real reviews, taken from Trip Advisor, Get My Boat, Google Maps and Facebook
Shelbie P

Had an amazing time on Pelican Cabo Los Cobos Boat! The staff was amazing. Great drinks poured amazing food all throughout our ride. We even got to see whales swimming right next to our boat, it was unbelievable!

This was definitely my favorite part of our trip and I would definitely recommend Pelican Cabo to everyone who visits!

Thank you for an unforgettable experience!


This experience was the highlight of my bachelorette weekend!!!

The staff was so fun, accommodating, and just overall AMAZING. I can’t say enough great things about the crew and the time we had! The water sports were a blast and the personal photographer on board was the icing on the cake!

THANK YOU for everything!

I would definitely rent this experience again if I come back to Cabo! Love love love!!!

Kacey W.

I took my best friend out on this beautiful boat for her 40th Birthday.

We had 20 people on this gorgeous boat! We danced, listened to music, had the best food and then jumped in the water, as you do when you’re in Cabo! The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Amazing food and even better drinks!

I highly recommend the boat life if you want an unforgettable day.

Luong Justine

My friends and I took the mini boat tour at around 3pm. It was still warm enough to go snorkeling/swimming, but sunset was at 5:30, so bring a jacket or sweater for afterwards!

Danielle and the captain took us on the tour, and they were great! We stopped at a convenience store for some snacks and drinks, visited the arches, and then snorkeled with a ton of fish. The guys had a great time with Danielle as they tried to go deep diving and cliff jumping. She was such a good sport, and we had a blast. We managed to catch the sunset and see some whales too. I’m definitely recommending this tour to friends.



We only had about 6 hours to spend in Cabo while our cruise was in port. We wanted to see the arches, we wanted to snorkel, we wanted to cliff jump, we wanted to paddleboard and we wanted to lounge while eating/drinking. This checked off EVERY box!

The morning started by driving out to take pictures at the arches. We plugged in our music and enjoyed the beautiful views as we got out to the end of the cliffs. After taking some great pictures, we headed over to anchor up to swim and snorkel.

We spent the next 2.5 hours swimming with brightly colored fish and sea lions, diving/flipping off the upper deck platform, paddle boarding along the beach, dancing and eating the delicious chips and salsa. Seriously everything we wanted out of the day. It blew away our expectations.

Everything was ready before we arrived at the dock and the crew were very professional. Right from the start we knew we were in good hands.

Ceci was a fabulous host. She explained everything and made sure we had everything we wanted. She was fun, friendly and really made us feel at home while on board.

Jonathan definitely knew his stuff as captain. It was obvious he was going to keep us safe and also put us right on the best swimming/snorkeling. He’s a little reserved but we got him to joke around a little about bellyflopping off the high dive!

Kiara took AMAZING pictures! Seriously, she was never in the way at all but seemed to be everywhere at once documenting our adventure. At the end of the tour we had the option to buy all the pictures she took with her camera (expensive but the pictures were fantastic!) but she was also nice enough to take pictures with our phones as well.

Can’t recommend this tour enough! It was an absolute steal for the price.

Next time we are in Cabo we will book again without a doubt. Thank you La Isla Tours!


Booked this boat for my bachelorette party Leo and Alan were so much fun!

Leo took the most amazing pictures of me and my group! The boat was so nice, fun, and relaxing!

It was also super easy to find! Definitely recommend booking with them!


The boat we originally scheduled was smaller than expected. However, with the BEST customer service from the team they moved our Wedding to a larger boat. They are SO nice, accommodating, incredible customer service, and what a honor and pleasure to work with them.

Thank you for making our special Wedding day on your boat so FANTASTIC.. From the bottom of our hearts Thank You very much for everything. You are truly the best.


We have a great time with our group of 11. Boat was clean, comfortable and great crew.

We spotted sea turtles and rays as well as our planned trip to the rock formations, and private beach area for swimming, snorkeling and jumping off the top of the boat. The photographer captured some great shots of our whole day.

Highly recommend this boat and crew!

Dive in to explore marine life as you have never done before

Cabo was once called the “World’s aquarium”, and the reason is that it offers a true snorkeling adventure that will leave you wanting more.

If you love marine wildlife, you will find that Cabo San Lucas is a paradise!

sea of cortez 1

Not only you can spot incredibly beautiful tropical fishes that can be only found here, but you can also see sea turtles, stingrays, sea lions, and so much more.

During your Cabo sailing tour, it is also possible to spot dolphins and whales. You can do a whale-watching excursion or take your snorkeling equipment and have a closer encounter.

Get ready for your next adventure with our Cabo snorkeling tours

At La Isla Tour we are committed to offering the perfect experience in Los Cabos. Our snorkeling tour is perfectly designed to enjoy the popular locations in this area of the Pacific Ocean while discovering the best spots to practice snorkel and other activities.

All of our excursions are adaptable and customizable. No matter what event you are planning or if you just want to relax, we have an ideal option for you. Come with family and friends, and we will take care of the rest!

You will find in us a prepared crew that feels like family and that it is ready to offer you the best experience in Cabo San Lucas.

Book a private catamaran with us and prepare to have an unforgettable adventure!

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