• Custom Made Boat – 34 ft x 10 ft
  • Comfortable Bathroom
  • Lounge type seating
  • Twin outboard engines
  • Max.12 passengers
  • Prices: From $90 to $110 per adult. And $75 to $85 per child.

Our sailboat is custom-built for maximum comfort and smooth sailing for everyone aboard. Swimming and snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas with us offers a unique experience not matched by other sailing tours.

The real highlight is our guide’s presentation. Get to know all about Los Cabos’ history, its marine wildlife, and what makes this place so special, all supported by engaging videos that enhance every story.


This is NOT a private charter. If you’re looking to charter private catamarans, click here.

If the date you are looking for is unavailable, please get in touch with us and we’ll see how can we help you!

Service fee is not included

There are 2 Different Group Cabo Boat Tours To Choose From

Swim & Snorkeling Adventure and Sunset Sailing Journey

Cabo Boat Cruise #1: Swim And Snorkeling Adventure

For this tour, we leave Marina Fundadores to cruise the bay, visiting all the points of interest such as The Arch, Neptune’s Rock, Pelican Rock, Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, the Sea Lion Colony, and more. Even some whale-watching is possible if its watching season, specially during winter months.

  • Maximum capacity: 12px
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Schedule: From 11 am to 3 pm
  • Inclusions: Snacks and an open bar

Price per person:

Adults (15+) – $110
Children (7-14) – $85
Kids (0-5) – FREE!

Highlights of our Swim and Snorkeling Cabo San Lucas Tour 

Learn about Los Cabos in your tour

During our cabo boat excursions, the crew will show you videos of all the interesting things that happen at the bottom of the sea inside our bay. You will know what the famous sand falls look like, why the whales come during winter months, and why Cabo San Lucas hosts the world’s most popular fishing tournament, through educational videos on local incredible marine life.

Guided Walk

We will have a guided walk on one of our two beaches when conditions permit:


While we approach the muddy and safe area of the beach, passengers will swim down with a guide to Lovers Beach, helped by life jackets and floating spaghetti to reach the beach

The guide will take them to Divorce Beach explaining the points of interest in the area.

This fun walk is not mandatory, passengers who wish may remain aboard


When the beach of love does not have the conditions to go down, we will use this corner full of history and as interesting as any other.

Getting off in the same voluntary way and with the help of vests or floating spaghetti, you will be guided on a walk full of history and one of the main detonators of the growth of the Zone.


We will anchor the boat in the area between Pelican Beach and the packing house. During this time passengers can swim, snorkel, go down to the beach, relax on the water mat, jump off the second floor, or just sunbathe, no rush, and no agenda.

We weigh anchor for a last cruise in the MEDANO area and finally get back aboard.

arch los cabos 6

Book online your snorkel tour!

Cabo Boat Cruise #2: Sunset Sailing Journey

Be ready to enjoy a beautiful evening on an unprecedented boat cruise of Cape St. Lucia Bay. The scenery of the sunset and its beautiful colors will transport you on an unforgettable journey that will be hard to match.

We also offer a unique experience with the projection of interesting and funny videos of the things that happen under the sea, without you having to bother to get wet.

Cabo sunset
  • Maximum capacity: 10px
  • Duration: 2 ½ hours
  • Departure time for winter/summer: 5 pm
  • Inclusions: Snacks and a premium open bar

Price per person:

Adults (15+) – $90
Children (7-14) – $75
Kids (0-5) – FREE!

Highlights of our Sunset Sailing Cabo San Lucas Tour

Learn about Los Cabos in your tour

On our tour, the crew will play videos about the sea’s secrets in our bay. Discover the sand falls, know why whales visit in winter, and find out about Los Cabos’ famous fishing tournament. It’s all through fun videos on the incredible marine life.


Explore Cabo San Lucas’s stunning locations on our sunset cruises

Visit The Arch, The Sea Lion Colony, Medano Beach, Land’s EndThe Sea of Cortez, and more.


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Both Tours Include

Vessel Type: Custom Made Catamaran – 34 ft x 10 ft
Capacity: Up to 12 passengers

If you have a larger group, see our other sailboats or contact us


What to Bring

Bathing suits


Snorkeling Equipment and WAtermat
1 Restroom
Cooler stocked with bottled water, sodas, and ice
Open bar
Premium Tequila, Mezcal, Rum and Vodka with different mixers

Mexican burritos, fresh guacamole, assorted Chips and Authentic Mexican Salsas

FAQs about our sailing tours

It’s not better. It’s different!

  • Small crowd (almost like one of those private charters)
  • Personalized attention from our crew
  • Engaging and educational cruise with conversations complemented by videos on our onboard TV screen.

Despite not being a private charter, our sailing tours are pretty exclusive. We accommodate up to 12 passengers comfortably on our lounge-type chairs.

Our custom-made vessels allow for easy movement aboard. We make strategic stops at points of interest and enhance the experience with short, informative, and engaging videos about the local culture. This offers an unmatched experience in town.

  • Premium bar with top-shelf Tequila, Mezcal, Rum, and Vodka, plus a variety of mixers.
  • Enjoy fresh Mexican snacks like burritos, guacamole, chips, and salsas.
  • Snorkeling gear, water mats, and life jackets are all provided.
  • We snorkel in protected areas in Cabo San Lucas where fins are not permitted, so fins are not provided.

Land transportation is not included.

We’ll be anchored for 2 hours where you can swim, go snorkeling, or relax on board.

Our sailboats feature a second floor for jumping off, adding an extra layer of fun for everyone.

We choose safe places in Cabo San Lucas for all the family to swim.

Our boat is located at MARINA FUNDADORES, right next to the Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort.

Our crew will meet you at the LUIS BULNES STATUE

Ask About Our Private Charters In Cabo San Lucas

Looking for something more personal?

At La Isla Tour, we also offer the option to charter one of our private catamarans. Tailor your adventure exactly how you want it, whether it’s for a special occasion or simply to enjoy the luxury of privacy. Let’s make your journey uniquely yours.